Thursday, 26 March 2015

News roundup: The Double Axe to be published by Alma Books

It's been a while since my last post: I neglected to mention that I reviewed Peter Carey's fizzing new novel, Amnesia, for The Times Literary Supplement. Last week, I spent a high-octane hour in the company of Robert Muchamore for the Daunt Books festival. Now there's a man who writes a lot of books.

More excitingly, I'm thrilled to announce that my retelling of the Minotaur story, THE DOUBLE AXE, will be published in Spring 2016 by Alma Books.

Also in 2016, the final part of The Darkening Path trilogy will come out, published by Troika.  Until then, the second part, THE KING'S SHADOW, is due to be with us very soon. It's like waiting for a baby.