Friday, 14 January 2011

Everything in Between by No Age: review

I haven't been listening to much new music recently, but this album has really taken control of my consciousness. I've been listening to it almost every day since I bought it. No Age are an American two piece, but this record sounds as if there are twenty of them. Scuzzy, stylish guitars hook and wriggle through fuzzy distortions; lilting tunes arise out of chaotic rumbles. 'Glitter's elegant songline sounds lazy and sharp at the same time; 'Fever Dreaming' is pure hectic riff joy; 'Valley Hump Crash' is almost a surfing love song - (almost). It also appears to be addressed to 'Catilina' - surely not the Roman Catiline? Well, I hope it is. They are, quite frankly, my New Favourite Band. And they even aurally quote Sonic Youth at one point, with a sound from 'Goo' appearing on one of the songs. And this can only be a good thing! Now, when will No Age come to England so I can go and watch them? Very soon, I hope. (And, ideally, supporting Sonic Youth... come on!)

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