Monday, 21 March 2011

Cancel all your plans... The Liberators Has Become An Audiobook

It's been a quiet few days, of reading, watching the third series of Being Human and (at last) writing. Not much excitement of the literary variety, until this morning when I went out into the streaming sunshine and found that a parcel had been left for me. Parcels are, usually, not very exciting, after you've opened them at least, but this one contained a shining, fresh, new-born copy of the Audiobook of The Liberators (pictured in its glorious tangibility, and published by the excellent Oakhill Publishing). I rushed straight to put it on - it's playing now. The entire reading time is 7 hrs and 30 minutes, which is about the length of Being Human. Tim Bruce, who reads it, has been in all sorts of things, including one of my most favourite recent films (Bright Young Things), and has a marvellous voice, precise and well-modulated. Once I've listened to it all I'll write a longer piece, but for now the excitement has to be passed on... I've just heard him read Blackwood instructing Ivo and it has actually made me shiver, on this bright day.