Friday, 29 July 2011

Save King Edward Memorial Park

After a day of hard work, I took a walk around the Eastern areas of London, gently ambling through the few green spaces that are available: Stepney Gardens; the lovely churchyard nearby; and King Edward Memorial Park. Here are keenly-mown lawns side by side with a wilderness; a sense of space and elegance leading down to the river below, a charming bandstand and a beautiful brick pavilion. One can stand and look out at London's main artery, feeling it flow past, full of deep life. It's a place where people can picnic, or play, or just sit.

And, I have discovered, it is in danger of being destroyed by Thames Water, who plan to build an enormous supersewer in its place. A better metaphor for man and nature I can't think of. Of course we need sewers, but must we destroy one of the few green and pleasant places left in East London to make way for it? There is a brownfield alternative: I do not know why the powers that be have this haven in their sights. I urge you, resident of the East or not, to sign the petition below:


and keep one of London's most secret and lovely spots. 


  1. Watch Hattie letting her butterflies go -you must protect our park/s

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