Thursday, 6 June 2013

Tips for Pippa Middleton as Contributing Editor of Vanity Fair

Pippa Middleton: Editrix extraordinaire
As a contributing editor myself, I know a few things about the game, and so I thought I’d give Pippa Middleton some friendly tips as she faces up to her new role as a Contributing Editor at Vanity Fair.

1) You will be expected to contribute. This means that you will be writing a piece of what I call “writing” every so often, depending on the terms of your contract (this is the gold plated paper that you signed, over which Graydon Carter was looking so pleased).

2) You will also be expected to edit. My top tip for editing is to read the “piece” through carefully, and mark anything you’d like changed or deleted or even added in! Everyone has their own idiosyncracies, but mostly you can use a red pen, or a pencil (you can rub out the marks more easily with a rubber.)

3) When writing a piece, I find it useful to use my familiar mascot, an Apple laptop. This isn’t compulsory of course – you may find that a PC works just as well. Or perhaps a member of staff could type your thoughts up on your typewriter. Remember, though, to convey the writing to the office (the place where all those people sit looking angry and staring at computers). These days, it can be done simply by using email, which is an advanced, electronic form of carrier-pigeon. Just press a button, get your sister to marry the heir to the throne, and ping! Off it goes into one of the world’s best known and prestigious magazines. Just like magic.

4) A deadline is not actually a dead line – imagine that! No, it’s a date for handing in your “piece”. I find it useful to mark these in my diary so that I don’t forget them. And don’t book any routine dinners the night before or you may find your hangover gets in the way!

5) Finally, you have to get paid. This is harder than it sounds (no joke.) Some magazines don’t pay at all, even after you chase them for ages; others will give you the equivalent of a packet of Smarties. But if you’ve already signed the aforementioned contract, then the money will just whoosh into your account every so often. Remember  – those fascinators won’t buy themselves!

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