Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Greek Myths in Children's Fiction: Part 1 of 10

There's nothing so potent as a myth. In response to a question on Twitter, I will be posting for ten days ten excellent books for children that either use Greek myth or retell it in some way.

1. The Luck of Troy by Roger Lancelyn Green

Not as well known as Lancelyn Green's Tales of the Greek Heroes, this is perhaps a more engaging and thrilling retelling. Nico is Helen's son, kidnapped by Paris of Troy as a child with his mother. After ten years of war, it looks like there's no hope: but Nico knows about the "luck" of Troy. Beautifully written, and very closely based on literary sources, it manages to tell the canonical story with grace, beauty and intelligence. There is Paris with his panther skins; Cassandra the prophetess; and all the great panoply of heroes and heroines - and Nico is a fine and determined guide.

Here's a beautiful cover posted by @gjteevan on Twitter. I wonder who the illustrator was? Very striking - blood, action, danger.

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