Saturday, 17 July 2010

Flight from the Enchanter

Here is a link to an excellent review of The Liberators by Robert Dunbar on Books for Keeps. He is the only reviewer so far to have noticed the Iris Murdochian sub-currents running through the book. Murdoch was an enormous influence on me - The Flight from the Enchanter I read at the age of fourteen. I stumbled upon it in the 'modern fiction' section of my school library. It wasn't a first edition, but it had that marvellous cover, of the young heroine peeping through a fish tank. In the novel a group of people revolve around the mysterious Mischa Fox, who brings them all close to crisis. In the same way, Julius and Strawbones Luther-Ross exert a charismatic influence on the people around them. Although their power is much more sinister, of course...


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