Saturday, 9 April 2011

The Luck of the Moncrieffs by P G Womack

Some excellent books, and The Liberators by P A Womack (quite good)
A quick post: at a friend's house last night I noticed that her books had been arranged into alphabetical order: and there, glinting at me, was the spine of The Liberators, seated above P G Wodehouse, one of my literary heroes. Being a 'double-u' means that my books are, in bookshops, placed right at the bottom right hand corner, usually crowded out by the shiny, inanity of the Jacqueline Wilsons; my own copies at home sit next to Virginia Woolf. So it is a real pleasure to see my name next to Wodehouse's - and isn't that, secretly, why we all want to write books?

It's also marvellous that it's above The Luck of the Bodkins. It has always been a fantasy of mine that books communicate with each other, that characters walk in and out of each other's pages whilst we're not looking; I hope that young Ivo Moncrieff has some fun with the amiable Monty Bodkin in the Drones Club.

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