Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Pink Hotel Party for Anna Stothard, Which Was Not in A Pink Hotel, But Was Near Enough

Anna Stothard: Brimful of talent
To the Phoenix Club, again, the launch party venue of choice, which nestles in the ashes of Tottenham Court Road, in a cellar dotted with theatrical memorabilia, for the launch of the lovely Anna Stothard's (pictured right) new novel, The Pink Hotel, which concerns a seventeen year old girl's quest for truth in Los Angeles. Young and old alike flocked and caroused, including Peter Stothard. Patrick Hennessey, author of The Junior Officer's Reading Club, was also in attendance, as was ethereally beautiful actress Olivia Grant, and forthcoming biographer Claudia Renton.

Anna wrote a book (Isabel and Rocco) even before she went to university and is positively brimful of new writing talent. I urge you to go and seek her book out and read it. California, Californ-ia, Californiaaaaa... here we come, as someone sang in The OC (which of course I've never watched, ahem). If you can't make it to LA yourself this is more than a good enough substitute - and it's brought the weather here too. Hurrah and huzzah and hooray for Anna!

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