Thursday, 8 September 2016

Philip Womack's Mythical Bytes No 1: The Ichthyocentaur

Beginning a new series of weird and savoury snippets from Greek and Roman myth.

We've all heard of centaurs, the half-man, half-horse. Never invite a centaur to a party is one of my best tips. (Although, if you do, you'd better not give them any wine - they might start a war.) But how about the ichthyocentaur?
This  beast is half-man, part-horse, and part-fish. Complicated? Still further, they often are shown with lobster claws, which they must have found very helpful in lifting Aphrodite's cockle shell out of the waves when the goddess was born from sea-foam. 

Read The Double Axe by Philip Womack for more monsters and mythical excitement.

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