Thursday, 2 June 2011

How to Avoid Being Killed in a War Zone by Rosie Garthwaite: Launch

Rosie Garthwaite, in a non-conflict situation
To the offices of Bloomsbury for the launch of Rosie Garthwaite's (pictured, with flowers) exciting new book, How To Avoid Being Killed in A War Zone. We packed into the (extremely hot) panelled hall and learned of the genesis of the book, which offers down to earth and extremely practical advice for entering conflict zones. Nigel Newton, (head honcho) gave an enthusiastic speech: the book is being published globally. Also present was author of The Junior Officer's Reading Club, Patrick Hennessey, and many of the people who have contributed their ideas and guidance to the book.

Apart from a misguided flirtation, when I left university with some idea of being a dashing foreign correspondent, with the idea of writing for The Baghdad Bulletin (which my parents, quite rightly, vetoed), the closest I've ever come to conflict is probably trying to get a seat on a Central Line train. The book is still great though for non-adventurous types like me, who can dream, and for the real heroes and heroines who bravely enter the liminal territory of war. There is a section on skinning animals; notes on how to catch birds; and information on how to survive a kidnapping, as well as reams of diagrams and tips.  It's witty, earthy and real; it's got a striking cover, and is the sort of book that should be issued as standard to soldiers and NGOs and, well, everyone really. As Rosie's publisher said, Rosie would be the best person to have in a conflict - and now the whole world can have her in their pocket. (Well not literally of course.) Congratulations to Rosie, and may there be peaceful times ahead, as well as adventures.

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