Monday, 27 June 2011

Timurids and Architects: A Blazing Weekend

Saturday brought with it one planned activity: a visit to the British Museum, to listen to a lecture by Thomas Wide about Afghan art. He traced the influences of other cultures on the Afghans, and showed how they responded in interesting and creative ways. My particular favourite was 'two fabulous lions chasing a ribbon' (reproduced right, but not very well I'm afraid). I enjoyed the fact that Timur's nickname (Tamburlaine) means 'Timur the Lame'.

Then an unplanned activity: a visit to an architectural show where we were alternately baffled and excited by the various displays. It was a review of the Architectural Association's academic year. It was fascinating. In the first room were some labels (I hope intended ironically - see left). Space was played with in interesting ways, and one exhibit (which hummed and roared with electronics and lights and space maps) confused and delighted me. Brilliant.

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