Thursday, 9 June 2011

Prince Philip and the UFOS: Philip Eade's launch of his biography

Prince Philip: ufologist
Daunts Holland Park is the launch party venue of choice these days, and there we flocked for Philip Eade's party for his biography of Prince Philip's early years (Philip's obviously a good name, isn't it? Ahem). We learned of the Royal consort's liking for ufos - apparently he calls in abductees to the palace and grills them, the royal presence being 'like truth serum'. (If only J K Rowling had known she wouldn't have had to bother with veritaserum, she could have just wheeled on the Duke of Edinburgh. I am seriously considering using this as a plot point in my next book.) There were gallons of champagne, although I didn't manage to snarf any canap├ęs; and we discovered that the book has already shot into the Amazon Top 50. HRH himself didn't make an appearance (though one of his early girlfriends was present), but there were more than enough Philips there to make up the difference; this was before a saucer-like object landed on Holland Park Avenue and several grey men with large ears stepped out, demanding to be taken to our leader - or was that just the Duke's equerries? (NB this last bit may not be true).

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