Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Ivo Stourton: Launch Party at Shoreditch House

East London at the weekend became a haven for book lovers - although hopefully not the sort of book lover who is to be found in the pages of Ivo Stourton's new novel, The Book Lover's Tale, because that would be, well, dangerous to say the least and I'm not sure that many of us would have survived. Still at least the murders would have been done very tastefully. The party was at Shoreditch House, in an echoey room of the sort that one would expect Patrick Bateman to haunt. Bellinis were drunk; dancing was executed - perhaps most spectacularly by some gatecrashing breakdancers who shook their groove (if that's the right terminology) on the dance floor. Guests, including socialite Henry Conway, exerted themselves till the early hours and no one (so far as I know) was killed, so that's all right then. Now, where did I leave my meat cleaver? Oh there it is...

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